Sports- the ultimate test of strength and skill.  Though I did not grow up an athele, or a competitor of any kind, I have developed a true passion for sports.  In fact, when I graduated high school, my goal was to become a sportscaster.  At that time, it wasn’t a field women were welcomed into, and I never did persue it, but that did not dampen my enthusiasm for the games and competitions.  I have my favorites- football, and hockey would be the top of my list- but I will watch pretty much anything.  I am drawn to the skill, speed and raw power that today’s athletes demonstrate at all levels.  Live sports provide such a rush- the excitement is definitely contagious.

I love capturing athletes in the heat of competition.  The facial expressions alone will often tell the story of the on-field battle, and the emotional investment the players bring to their games.  The depth of the competitive spirit can be demonstrated in a rough tackle, or a difficult catch.  The moments after the play is over are sometimes even more important to the team story than the play itself.

Watching athletes in individual competition is to see the true character of the person, their drive and determination to beat their own previous best as well as their competition.  Standing alone, depending only on the training and preparation they have invested, and giving everything they have to their sport of choice, these lone athletes are examples of courage and strength.

My portfolio does not yet contain a large variety of sports, but it is my goal to change that.  I am moving towards more sports, and more level of sport.  A novice hockey player can invest just as much in his game as a senior men’s rugby player.

Stay tuned- there are definitely more stories to be told.